Union Directory

Wendy Smith, President
AFSCME, Council 67 & Local 558
Community Health Nurses
[email protected]
(443) 857-1314 (c)
Melissa Clark-Gold, VP
Joshua L. Fannon, President
Baltimore Fire Officers Association
Local 964
1030 S. Linwood Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
(c) 443-807-8184 [email protected]
Office: 410-276-6964
George Jones-1st VP
[email protected]
Thomas A. Skinner 2nd VP
[email protected]

David Goldman
[email protected]

Recording Secretary
Michael Hudson
[email protected]
Antoinette Ryan-Johnson, President
City Union of Baltimore
2117 N. Howard Street
Antoinette E-mail [email protected]
(410) 962-1492 (o)
Jim Anthony
Ruth Pajouhandeh
Maxine Holmes
Michael Mancuso, President
Fraternal Order of Police
Baltimore City Lodge #3
3920 Buena Vista Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
[email protected]
(410) 243-9141 (o)
(410) 467-1643 (f)

Tami Clark
Glenard S. Middleton, President
AFSCME, Local 44
1410 Bush Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
Dawn Handy- Middleton's Assistant
[email protected]
(410) 837-7278 (o)
Dorothy Bryant, Vice President
Trevor Taylor, Labor Relations Specialist
Arthur King, Labor Relations Specialist
Domonique A. Graham, President,
AFSCME, Local 2202
1410 Bush Street
Baltimore MD 21230
[email protected]
(c) 443-825-8245
George Gisin, AFSCME
(c) 443-386-6102
[email protected]
Tiffany Cash, Vice President
Samantha Bell, Secretary
Nichole Drivers, Treasurer
Michael Guye, President
Managerial and Professional
Society of Baltimore, Inc.
417 E. Fayette Street. 11th Floor
[email protected]
(410) 396-4160 (o)
(443) 742-3899 (c)
Richard Langford, President

Baltimore Fire Fighters
IAFF, Local 734
1202 Ridgley Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
(410) 234-0734 (o)
(410) 365-4288 (c)
[email protected]

Kristine Meredith
Executive Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
Diamonte Brown, President
Baltimore Teachers Union
Local 340, AFT, Teachers
Seton Industrial Park
5800 Metro Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21215
[email protected]
(410) 358-6600 (o)
Assistant, Laura Prouty 410/764-3030
[email protected]
Jimmy Gittings, President
Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association (PASASA)
2512 N. Charles St., Ste. 300
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
(410) 243-4310 (o)
(410) 925-9987 (c)